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     Welcome to our collection of Screensavers.  Some have been collected by visiting various sites on the internet and others have been created and compiled by us.  We welcome you to use them and hope that you find them interesting and useful in your multi-media computing experience.  

     A screen saver is primarily designed to protect your screen from damage due to static or stationary graphics or similar.  To avoid damage, a screensaver usually involves some form of movement so that nothing quite sits still for too long.  

     Some of our screensavers include the option to configure special features, movements, sounds, etc.  Please check them out and have fun.

     We don't know exactly who to give the credit for to all of the screensavers found on our site that are not creations of Dawg Web Designs or any of its' subsidiaries, but we have done our best to include the read-me and/or any other accompanying files that we could find that we acquired with the savers.  If anyone feels that there is a discrepancy or that a file should not be on this site, please contact us so that we may attempt to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible.  We appreciate your visit and don't forget to book-mark us to return again.


     Most of our screensavers come with "installers" such that  when they are activated,, you can choose where to install them just as you would any other piece of software.  However, some of our screensavers, TYPICALLY, OUR SCREENSAVERS THAT END IN THE .SCR FILE EXTENSION,  must be manually placed in the Windows System Folder to work.   The folder that you must direct and drop the .scr file into is C:\Windows\System.

This is only in the event that there is no .exe file that will automatically guide you to install it there.

    We do hope that you enjoy our screensaver collection and will check out the rest of our site for some wonderful free graphics and other items of interest to a PC enthusiast.  Visit us by clicking on the logo above or the link below.  


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     Please check back often as we plan to keep updating our site as more great screensavers are both collected and created.  We do hope that you have enjoyed the screensavers that you have seen so far and will view the rest of our site as well as return again to visit soon.  Thanks for the visit.  Feel free to use our screensavers on your PC to keep your monitor safe from harm.  DAWG.

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